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lose their last regular season game to the bengals.what it mmans or their first playoff game next week. pnd... kim kardaahian's big news. 3 3 3 &p monday december 1st p, 3 3 3 3 3 we aae now in the final hours for lawmakers to keep the nation from going over the so- called "fiical cliff." economists fear thee combinatiin of aatomaticc spending cts and tax increases could trigger a new r. recession.andrew sppncer has more on how negotiations today 3 "ii there is an ultimate compromise, there will be parts f it that i find disgusttng and reprehensibll which i may have to swallow in the name of finding a compromise." a rare sunday &psession on caaitol hill."the senate will come to order."as briefly hit a.. quote.. ""ajor setback" onnsunnay, ovvrrsocial security benefits, according to a emocratic source. but both sides agreed po ppsh forward."i want everyone to know i'm willing to get this done, but i nnee dance partnnr."vice-president joe biden is apparently hat person for senatt minoriiy leader mitch mcconnell. top-level sources say the two arr taking over talks. if nothing is resso
the bengals in prepartion for the playoffs. it ended in a loss, but as bruue cunningham explains now, the real test comes againss rookie andrew luck and the we knew what to exxect rom phis ooe going in...both the ravenn and the bengals hhd already nailed down playoff spots, and that meant we were gonna see a lot of backup playe. ppayees.. 3&ii the ravens' case, that meant number twooquartedrback tyrod taylor, who layed thhee and a half quarters...this is the highlight...a 28 yard run thattgot the ravens deep inside bengal terratorr.... ...and thaa led to this...anthony allen owering in from the two...and the ravenn led 7-0.......6 minutes to go in the ballgame...tayloo's pass is tippeddby carlos dunnlp..and dunlapbriigs it down and then that sealed it, bengals beet regular season finale... &p 3pearller thissevening, we learnee that the ravenswill take on the colts next sunday at 1 pm in the nff playoofs.. much more from today's game coming up,including morgan adsit live from cincinnati... that's coming up on ourr expanded sunday niggtedition of sports unlimitedd immediaaely follow
a road date against the falcons. >>> an emotional game for the cowboys playing the bengals a day after the death of teammate jerry brown. we start the highlights in the 4th quarter, cowboys trail 19- 10. tony romo steps up and hits a streaking dez bryant on a slant, a 27-yard score. dallas cuts the deficit to two points. final seconds dan bryant, sets up from 40 yards out and calmly nails the game winning field goal as time expires. cowboys rally to edge the bengals 20-19. dallas like the redskins 7-6 a game behind the nfc east leading giants. >>> the bucs with the 2002 reunion of their super bowl team prior to todays game with the philadelphia eagles, four minutes to go, eagles trail 21- 10. rookie nick foles steps up and hits clay harbor. philly down five. the game's final play folds as jeremy maclin sliding catch inbounds, game winning score. eagles win for the first time in 70 days. they help the redskins in the process, a 23-21 win as bucs fall to 6-7. >>> the seahawks hosting the cardinals hoping to solidify their wildcard standing. the cards would not offer much resistance. mars
in sports, we'll check in with the ravens and the bengals. what ray rice says about the postseason. >> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> good morning and for the final time of the regular season, happy game day. ravens and bengals, a game about which we have no idea what's going to happen. i don't know how much the ravens are going to rest their players, same for the bengals. there's nothing to be gained from winning this one but you want to build momentum and the ravens would like to earn a sweep because in week one, they dominated the bengals, winning by 30 points at m&t bank stadium. the bengals say they don't like the ravens, and it's a matter of redemption. but the big picture is staying healthy and playing for the postseason. both teams playing in that. regardless of what happens today, ray rice says, this team is absolutely ready for another postseason run. >> we're talking about a ravens team who's battle tested. there's not nothing you can throw at us that we've not dealt with. we've dealt with injury, we've even dealt with death with one of our teammates' family members. we've
. >> it is the last purple friday of the regular season. the ravens will play the bengals on sunday. the kickoff time will be sunday at 1:00 p.m. in cincinnati. keith mills will have much more on the game later this morning in sports. ravens playoff tickets go on sale later this morning starting at 10:00 a.m. the exact day and time of the game is still not decided. the ravens will host the colts or the bengals. it will be decided after sunday. you can order these tickets by phone or online. tickets will not be sold at m&t bank stadium. >> fans are printing shirts in honor of the ravens second straight afc north title. fan favorites include ray rice, dennis pitta. >> they endear themselves to the fan base. >> shirts will be available at local stores that sell ravens merchandise. 5:06. 36 degrees on tv hill. workers in new york city are getting ready for the biggest night of the year. >> a special tribute on this year's ball. >> this is the west Ñ? >> welcome back to 11 news today. 5:09. 39 degrees downtown. look at the moon shining through the clouds. we are looking at a later wind -- lighter wind ac
eliminated today courtesy of the cincinnati bengals. the score stayed tied at 10-10 for much of the game. it looked destined for overtime. with 24 seconds left, the bengals capitalized. they needed one last pass to set up the game-winning field goal. cincinnati wins and will take on the ravens next sunday. the redskins taking on the eagles today in philadelphia. the question for washington was whether the rookie sensation will be on the field after missing last week's game. rg3 led them to their sixth consecutive wins. the redskins win 27-20 and now control their own destiny in the race for the nfc east. stay with us. more on the forecast we return. >> let's take one more look at the forecast. tomorrow we will see the light rain and snow. there could be minor accumulation in some neighborhoods. temperatures will be above freezing. christmas day will be dry and 44. a bigger storm comes in wednesday night and early thursday morning. another one on saturday with a mix of rain and snow. this will be an active week. we will be talking a lot next week. >> we wi >> this is a wbal-tv editorial.
football. bengal, trying to remain in the playoff hunt, visiting philly. andy dalton, called his own number. gets into the end zone. cincy trailed 13-10, at the break. but all-bengals in the second half. next philly possession, fumbles. gilberry recovers. 25 yards. the big fella scores a touchdown. five turnovers in the game for the eagles. bengals go on top, 24-13. later, dalton to a.j. green. his 11th receiving touchdown. bengals win 34-13. and are back in the playoff hunt. currently in that wild card position. but everything can change this sunday. >>> speaking of change, zach greinke went to the dodgers. if josh hamilton was hoping to join him, not happening. >>> up next, "the pulse." mick jagger, in the middle of some controversial, after the 12-12-12 concert. >>> and some cougar pride. look at that. christmas college style. look at that. christmas college style. stay with us. with heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i d
you need to know, in my fantasy football semifinals, i was going against the bengals defense. not happy. eagles, their dismal season continued last night. first quarter, trying to get the punt off, it's blocked. by his own teammates and recovered outside the 10 yard line. let's take another look. marvin mcnut. he gets pushed back into the pun. it's been that kind of year for the eagles. bengals down by three in the third quarter. andy dalton takes off. nice tackle by number 95. 11-yard touchdown run, enof the this, thsh, bryce brown takes the handoff, leveled. scooped up by wallace gillbury and takes it for the defensive touchdown. bengals scored 24 unanswered points in a hurry. they go on to win 34-13. now they have a record of 8-6. atlanta is currently holding down the last playoff spot. it looks like the steelers or bengals for that spot. >>> lakers in town. carmelo anthony unstoppable. looking like the mvp this year. melo had 22 points in the first quarter alone. the most by any nba player in a quarter. the ankle gets caught behind him, scary moment. sprain not severely,
before landing in the nfl in 1996 with al davis and the raiders. the expansion cincinnati bengals were next on the list where he served under the legendary paul brown and an old school football man who passed on walsh when it was time to name a successor, leaving the bengals for a year in san diego before getting his first chance as a head coach. >> and there were those in the league that did not think i was head coach material to let everybody know it, including paul brown, who i had worked for. so it was difficult all the way through. then my big break, of course, they came at stanford university. >> paul brown's loss was stanford's game. under walsh, they won successive bowl games. parallelling the 49ers team, declining to the league's depths. under the new owner, unpopular general manager, they went through three coaches in two years. >> they asked me when i first went to stanford if i would be the head coach of the 49ers. of course, i had nothing to do with it. but then they decided that they needed to revamp the whole thing and i was right there. and we met. and we made it happen
in the game. ben roet, picked off by reggie nelson. he returns it to the slrs 46. the bengals regain possession. next play, 14 seconds left. andy dalton. hits a.j. green along the sidelines for gain of 21. ten catches for 116 yards for green. josh brown hits the 43-yarder for the win. and the bengals punch the ticket to the playoffs. the loss eliminates the steelers. >>> colts looking to clinch a bayoff berth. indy up, 10-3. the andrew luck pass breaks cam newton's rookie passing record. leading the colts to a field goal. the chiefs stuck around, thanks to this man, jamaal charles. his third 80-yard td of the season. in the fourth quarter, we're tied up at 13-13. third and goal. and luck -- finds reggie wayne in the back of the end zone. luck with his seventh game-winning drive this season as the colts win, 20-13. i'm cassidy hubbarth with your sportscenter upday. have great day. >>> up next, "the pulse." some say the case from iowa turns women's rights back decades. >>> and we all know this guy, psy. now a historymaker. "the pulse" is coming up next. ♪ gangnam style "this is georg
. all those things were put to bed a few days ago. the mindset is getting ready for the bengals on sunday appeared there is a much to be gained against the bengals. the ravens need to win and then need the -- baltimore is a banged-up group. maybe the ravens should take it easy. >> i think an opportunity to play on the road like this in a tough environment. it is a game in the division. that is something that will help us build up our calluses a little bit for the playoffs. it will be a plus for us. >> be day in the nba yesterday. a rematch of the final from a year ago. the heat posting the thunder. and matchup of first-place teams on the christmas day. first quarter. james puts this one down. 7-0 heat early. he gets fouled hard. westbrook not happy. miami up 3. durant gets by lebron james. lebron james finds an open chris bosh. that is sports. have a great day. >> chris this goes on after a tragedy -- christmas goes on after a tragedy. >> holiday shopping continues. >> taking stocking stuffers to a new level. >> one think that could slow down the shopping is the weather. >> we w
, the ravens got one more regular season game. they are headed to cincinnati to take on the bengals sunday. right now they are the number 4 seed in the playoffs but that could change depending on the outcomes of a number of weekend matchups. bengals are a lock for the 6th seed and they are both in. kick off from cincinnati is set for one. >>> let's find out what the weather is going to be like today and for the weekend. now over to meteorologist mike masco. >> good morning. we look good for today. it's going to be a chilly start this morning and chilly afternoon. cloud increasing and a mess of weather is on et cetera way. carroll county under a winter weather advisory. you will be dealing with some snow by tomorrow morning. clouds starting to move in right now. but the thicker clouds move in during the course of your day. notice the system down to the south tapping into gulf of mexico moisture. as the system evolves and moves towards the north it will energize and enhance and begin to overspread precip into the area. it starts with snow as we head into saturday morning into saturday aftern
close. pllyoff spotss,the ravens' - backkps lost o the bengals in the regular season finale. finale.1st quarter....rd andd p0 foo the ravens...joo flacco sacked by michael johnson... that was his final snap of tte wassenoogg for flacco and t - tyrod taylor took over.with jjst seconds left in the joness..who breaks taakle n and into the end zone...ravens and bengall tiee at 7 at trail 13-77..taylor rolls out ann has an open field in 3 front....1 ard touchdownn ravens take a 14-13 leaa.4 minutes later...this isn'' phaa ravens fans are usee to seeingg..justin tuuker misses only his 3rd field goal of he year... 44 arder.and t's all downhiil from there... benggls win the finnl game of the season 23-17. the playoffs. the th seed in in: tts an accomplishment... p out: they did a good 3job really positiveecan't play out.ow its ll going to out.the ravens take on the colts at m&t bank stadium on sunday at 1. game winninggnats nats skins fans are waking up last nnght's big in aaainst - pheir rivalssthe cowboyssffnal score: 28818 washington reeskin. redskinssthe ast time the s
bengals. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. meagan is off today. she is getting right side for the new year's and tomorrow, the new years as well. someone else who has his ticket punched ready for the party tonight is mike masco. what are you doing tonight? >> what am i not doing tonight? nothing. i'm going to be in bed by 8:00. watch the rocking new year and rock myself back to sleep and back here tomorrow morning. living the life. maryland's most powerful doppler, clear overhead. eldersburg 26. baltimore 33. the deal is, it's a cold morning across locations. the clouds this afternoon will be in place. it's mostly cloudy skies, temperatures struggling to get to 40. going in to 2013, cloudy, we are dry. could be a spot shower that develops by tuesday afternoon, new years day. we will talk about that coming up. it doesn't look like a big deal. it's a cold start. new years eve, the clouds are around, man, does it get cold. the arctic attack moves in later in the week. we will talk about that forecast in a little bit. let's talk traffic with loren cook. >> everything is nice a
to a victory. >>> the lonely eagles can grab their golf clubs any time soon. the visiting cincinnati bengals dropped the eagles. 17-13 lead. bengals are 8-6. eagles lost the ball five times tonight. gets ripped and stripped. bengals win 34-13. that is sports as we see it for this thursday night. i don't know i'm kind of waiting for the warriors to play again. >> they've been on a good run lately. >> and they're fun to watch. >> fun to watch the lakers lose as well. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu online app
bengals are pushing to make the playoffs for just the fourth time since 1990. the philadelphia eagles are staggering to the end of the season. nothing seems to be going right for philly this year. one of the bengals' helmets got stuck on a face mask. eagles leading the bengals in the second half, and then the wheels come off. an andy dalton touchdown run. cincinnati gets the brown fumbles the ball, and the eagles brings back a score. cincinnati rips off 24 straight points to win this one, 34-13. >>> in the nba the red-hot knicks beat the ice cold lakers in new york city. carmelo anthony dominating in the first half, scores 22 points in the first quarter and 30 in his first 23 minutes of action, and then this happens. take a look. melo takes a hard foul going to the rim. he injuries his ankle, would not come back. by that point, the knicks were up big. they go on to win it, 116-107. >>> the feds are weighing in on the nhl at the highest level. president obama even had a message for both sides. >> if you can figure out how to spread out a bunch of revenue you're bringing in, but do righ
any time soon. the visiting cincinnati bengals dropped the eagles. 17-13 lead. bengals are 8-6. eagles lost the ball five times tonight. gets ripped and stripped. bengals win 34-13. that is sports as we see it for this thursday night. i don't know i'm kind of waiting for the warriors to play again. >> they've been on a good run lately. >> and they're fun to watch. >> fun to watch the lakers lose as well. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu online app is we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu.
lose their last regular season game to the bengals.what it meann for week and... a snowy new year? when we could get some winter 3eather in our area. 33 - auckland, new zealand monday, december 31ss ,3 3 3 3 & 3 3 3 3 thh clock issticking... for prommgoing over the so-called "fiscal cliff." cliff."if nothing ii resolled by midnight tonight... tax rates for all americans will increase. democrats want higher taxes on familles earning 250-thousand-dollars a year and over. republlcans want tax rates to stay where they arr. útaaes seem to bbe compromise. others want to see government spending put in check. presiddnt obama says... he's willing toodo that. "i offereddover a trilliin dollars in additional spending cuts ss hht we would have two dollars of spending cuts for every one dollar of increased revenue." "the senate ssands in recess"" the senate is scheduled to reconvene at 11-a-m. even if lawmakers don't come to angreement tooight... you probably won't see a drastic change in your next paycheck. that's because businesses pikely used 20-12 withholdingg would happennrtain about w
to make a play and gets intercepted in regulation. bengals score well they complete one pass then get kicker josh brown close enough to kick the 43-yard game winning feel goal. bengals beat pittsburgh for the first time since 2009. >>> mcilroy's start in the nfl was not easy. phillip rivers throws to antonio gates. gates scored a touchdown for a chargers record 82nd time. san diego wins 27-17. they'll play raiders next week. new england wins their 11th game of the year. chicago's defense scores twice. bears win in arizona and the vickings upset the texans in houston 23-6. so these four teams have now clenched an afc division title and a play off spot that would be houston, new england, baltimore. texans could clench a spot. and the two wild card teams are also set. the colts and those cincinnati bengals. >>> today's game in oakland i guess oakland in charlotte featured six unnecessary roughness penalties. tommy kelly admitted after the game that his quarterback carson palmer left the game with an injury so they wanted to get back at newton. cam tries to kick kelly. nobody sited newton
mode. most of the ravens starters did not even dress for the game. the bengals won, 23-17. the colts will return to baltimore for another playoff game. ravens fever is sweeping the area. >> for ravens fans, this is the best time of the year, the playoffs. once again, we are in them. this morning, ravens fans were not that upset about yesterday's loss to cincinnati. >> yesterday was kind of boring, but i understood why they did it. >> for ravens fans, another year of getting in the playoffs and hopes this time we will go all the way. >> we are going all the way this year. >> i think they are, because they have lots of agility and everything. >> it is about time for them. i really think they are going to make it. >> of course, you have shirts just for sunday's game. this is one of my favorites, "the luck stops here." >> i think it will be okay. we are going to win. hopefully all the way. >> that are hometown team. they love their fans, and the fans love them. >> we are going all the way. >> so get out, get your gear, and get ready for sunday's game. >> we are the only team to go five-y
-- the bengals -- there is the matter of the week one beatdown from the ravens. it kind of sticks in their cross. >> we want to keep this going. we do not want to go by because we are scared. plus, it is baltimore. we do not like them. >> well, there you have it. >> ryan has led a nine-ring circus. this press conference may have been the low point. >> come to find out that barry was not exactly truthful with our training staff after the game. you know, he never disclosed any symptoms after the game to our trainers. right now, he is being evaluated for a concussion. i am going to start mark sanchez. he had a stir earlier in the season. >> and tim too is not -- tim tebow is not too happy about. of course not. and rural mcelroy thrown under the bus in a dramatic fashion. sticking let tim tebow, the guy for whom the jets traded a fourth round pick and paid $4 million this season -- never started a game. >> should i ask you about the theory about them using tebow as a scapegoat? or are you not allowed to comment? >> there are a lot of things going on with the jets'. a lot of people better there will
the bengals, eyes are on the big picture roswell. patriots losing to miami? that would hurt. they could maybe host the afc title game if it came to that. on the injury report, their questionable. missing two games, he might be back. >> we have a plan and going in. it could change. it could be altered by circumstances. we have a number of guys who are buying up a little bit. we will go in there to win that game with 46 active. >> we told you about the $55,000 fine for the allegedly illegal hit by ed reed on victor cruz. fined for this chop block. it would have been legal if kai reed had not participated. the perfect exclamation that saw him flagged 3 times. the season finally ramping up in florida. late last night, a game traditionally to thrill, holiday bowl. ucla and baylor. a nice season for ucla. they beat usc. managing well without rg3. baylor up quick, 7-0. bruins down 21-0 getting on the board. 21-7. baylor piling it on. 43 yards, beating all the bruins in. not looking ranked here, ucla. in "you gotta see this," the mavs and thunder in oklahoma city. check him out. durant, you can get i
game is like a rivalry. browns, the bengals. i felt like philadelphia was a we played them. certainly washington is a this week. >> kyle shanahan has the offense talking about how the defense. it comes out to so many ways. rgiii creates space. defendety will have to it. e in houston so he appreciates his creativity. >> me knowing kyle shanahan, i was in houston with him, they are very capable. we cannot be too aggressive. you have to be patient. we have to do our job. think if we do that, we will be ok. >> i do not care if it is a rivalry or not, it is going to a heck of a game. both sides are still talking in the nhl. ahl hockey game if need a fix. the college bowl season is getting under way. state, they will play bowling green. both teams have young hotshot coaches that are big time getters and both guys by to talk about their visit to washington. >> a lot of them have never been game so they are pumped about the opportunity about playing on national television. >> we only start three seniors. of the youngest teams in the country. competitive game to start the year and we a
. coming up in sports, we'll check in with the ravens and the bengals. what ray rice says about getting since i've lost weight i have so much more energy than i used to, when i'm out with my kids, my daughter's like, "mom, wait up!" and i'm thinking, "shouldn't you have more energy than me? you're, like, eight!" [ male announcer ] for every 2 pounds you lose through diet and exercise alli can help you lose one more by blocking some of the fat you eat. simple. effective. advantage: mom. let's fight fat with alli. have a healthier holiday at >> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> good morning and for the final time of the regular season, happy game day. ravens and bengals, a game about which we have no idea what's going to happen. there's nothing to be gained from winning this one but you want to build momentum and the ravens would like to earn a sweep because in week one, they dominated the bengals, winning by 30 points at m&t bank stadium. but the big picture, both teams playing in the postseason. regardless of what happens today, ray rice says, this team is ab
and they are in the playoffs. win you're in. but they neat losses by the steelers and bengals if they want to clinch the north. we need good weather for that but is there rain the forecast. >> and the chilly weather we'll have to find out what it will be like. >> check it out. we are looking at the battle of the beltways. we can see the temperatures are not so bad coming in at 56. but to answer your question, yes, we have a chance for rain showers. be prepared for that as we go into the game on sunday. now for today what we're watching, we have plenty of clouds. we have rain that will be pushing into the area. right now to the south and back to the west. we look at a wintry mix starting from western maryland into pennsylvania. >> this is on the move as we go through the morning. we have to watch the temperatures. and above the freezing degree mark and come in as all rain and chesapeake beach at 39. and 33. and 32 in goldsboro. let's send it back over to megan and charlie. >>> a breakthrough treatment for alzheimer's may be here. doctors at johns hop kins are trying a way of treating the disease. they are impl
night football, bengals/eagles. cincinnati came from behind piling up the points against philadelphia in the second half as it fights for a wild card spot. bengals, 34-13 over the eagles. during the second quarter of the game two players got their face masks stuck together and an official had to separate the helmets. a friendly good-bye. >>> slugger josh hamilton leaves texas to sign with the los angeles angels for five years at 125 million bucks. >>> in the nba, carmelo anthony gave the knicks a big lead over the lakers. that is until he twisted an ankle and had to leave the game. new york beat los angeles 116-107. >>> the scoreboard tells an incredible story of an indiana high school team that ran up the score and finished with a 107-2 victory. but it kind of seems like the mercy rule may have been a good idea here, guys. come on. >>> finally in australia, 12-year-old runner james gallagher proves you should never give up. he's way behind as he finished a relay race. he ran so fast he looked jet propelled there. look at him. he finished first. that's the big question this morning. c
to bed a few days ago. the mindset is getting ready for the bengals on sunday. and postseason play. there is much to be gained against the bengals. the ravens need to win. baltimore is a banged-up group. maybe the ravens should take it easy. that is not the mentality of a john harbaugh team. >> i think an opportunity to play on the road like this in a tough environment. it is a rivalry game. it is a game in the division. that is something that will help us build up our calluses a little bit for the playoffs. it will be a plus for us. >> big day in the nba yesterday. there was a giant slate of games on the docket. a rematch of the final from a year ago. the heat hosting the thunder. these teams are well on their way. a matchup of first-place teams on christmas day. first quarter. off a thundered turnover. james puts this one down. 7-0 heat early. to the fourth quarter we go. mario chalmers gets fouled hard. westbrook not happy. miami up 3. kevin durant gets by lebron james. on the other end, lebron james finds an open chris bosh. the heat win. that is sports. have a great day. >> 33
-- >> ravens and 49ers. and they looked great today. >>> bengals had a great day. >> first time since 1981, bengals in the playoffs back-to-back years. kenny anderson was the quarterback the last time they did it. so a long time ago. bengals get a touchdown on a ben roethlisberger interception. the steelers are just not dynamic enough on offense. they had all sorts of problems today. they do come from behind to tie it 10-10. but late in the fourth, josh brown, former steelers kicker, able to win it in the closing seconds. cincinnati wins 13-10. >> week 17 coming up. that's a wrap on week 16. thank you, sir. as always, thank you. more football coming up next on the "world news now" competition. you're watching "world news now." >>> welcome back. we are not quite done with week 16 of the nfl here. it's time now for our update of the prestigious "world news now" nfl picks competition. >> indeed it is. this is my favorite part of the show for multiple reasons. joining us right here at the desk is the senior executive chairman and commissioner of the competition, zach. >> sounded good, despite
were fined are lamarr houston, tommy kelly, matt shaughnessy and desmond bryant. bengals tackle andrew whitworth was also fined - and a few days ago whitworth called the raiders, "cowards" for hitting him raiders host browns sunday in a blacked out game. >> 13-10, safe ignatius st. ignatius. >> perhaps she will go to bed school one day. and i will have to keep working. >> absolutely. it is not easy. >> you love everything moment of raising those beautiful moment of raising those beautiful children and coming into kron. >> right. brian wilson's 7 year run in >> san francisco will more than likely be coming to an end at 9pm tonight when the injured closer officially becomes a free agent. sources say the giants aren't prepared to tender wilson a contract before the 9pm deadline because they would have to pay him a minimum salary of $6.8 million. rumors are that the eccentric wilson, who is recovering from his 2nd tommy john surgery, would like to play in la with the dodgers >> good night, everybody.
are in cincinnati to face the bengals on sunday. >>> still to come, another open division football title, and the winner of the heisman trophy is announced. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, johnny manzell of texas a& acker manti teo >>> off to the 2012 john w. heisman award, awarded to the best player in college football. it was a three-man race. quarterback johnny manziel out of texas a&m, notre dame linebacker manti te'o, and quarterback collin klein from kansas state. new york's downtown athletic club, the site. >> the 2012 winner of the heisman memorial trophy is johnny manziel! >> they call him johnny football. johnny manziel, a red-shirt freshman. yeah. he is the winner of the heisman trophy. his big mark was that win at alabama earlier in the season. manti te'o finished second. collin klein finished third. >>> high school, norcal football titles, the open division. it must mean de la salle. coach bob at sac state against folsom in blue. already up 7-0. the touchdown run. it's 13-0, spartans. no answer for folsom. chris williams to andrew buckley on 4th down. spartans rolled 49-15 to remain un
they boarded a flight to cincinnati where they'll play the bengals on sunday. team owner jerry jones issue add statement that read, we are deeply saddened by the news of this accident and the passing of jerry brown. at this time our hearts and prayers and deepest sympathies are with the members of jerry's family and all of those who knew him and loved him. one week ago, the nfl was shaken by the death of kansas city linebacker jovan belcher who shot and killed his girlfriend and then traveled to the facility and killed himself in front of the head coach. >> what he did, we didn't like, we're not crazy about. but he's still a member of our fami family. and when yo go out in society and things like this happen in society because they do happen in society, you don't see people throwing the family member ts out the door, you know. they're still loved by their family members, but the act, you don't like the act. and so you move on, you deal with it. and you don't have a choice. you have to move on. >> because of the nature of the sport, cheers are sometimes shed in the fl on the field. in back-to-b
, eagles turned it over five times. that's a touchdown. the bengals, 34-14. no. 2, a whole new meaning to the term locking helmets. a little too close for comfort. but everything is okay. and no. 1, watch how much morningside quarterback joel nixon has to run. they did not call this clip right here. ridiculous. anyway, touchdown! but marion won the game 30-27 in overtime. but, again, that arms race in southern california, you know, there's two things you can't buy, ken. love and a world series ring. >> how true it is. >>> we'll be right back. words of wisdom. >> wisdom. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, foxx. our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30. and the incr >>> david letterman is next with jamie fox. >> yep. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs >> i'm allen kalter. and now with a durable
. gillberry running it back for the bengals. cincinnati wins 34-13. michael vick, wondering where he's going to end up next year. >>> and the nfl wants to make money. so as if they don't have enough, how about a playoff with 14 or 16 teams? they're looking in that direction. currently there are 12 teams in the postseason. >>> the nation's immediate financial future hanging in the balance. but president obama still has time for the nhl lockout. >> if there weren't a lockout, would you be willing to intervene? >> the president of the united states shouldn't have to get involved in a sports lockout. my message to owners and to players is you guys make a lot of money. and you make a lot of money on the back of fans. so do right by your fans. >> all right. >> good advice .
. it was costly. josh brown makes the game-winning field goal with four seconds left. bengals moving on to the playoffs, 13-10 the final. the afc playoff roster is set. houston opened the door for the broncos to take over the top seed in the afc with a loss to the vikings. tony gearhart rain for a touchdown. minnesota still in the hunt for the final wild card spot in the nfc with the victory. >> niners and seahawks facing off in seattle. a 49er win they can clinch the nfc west title but have to do it without justin smith. bum left elbow, ending a streak of 185 straight starts. >>> the fedex super bowl champion giants trying to stay alive facing the ravens. flacco threw for 309 yards, two t.d.s, also ran one. ravens clinch the everybody action -- afc north. the giants are still alive but need a lot of health. >> cowboys and saints, tony romo, hits miles austin in the end zone. cowboys scored two tds in the final four minutes to send it to overtime. drew brees, also luck here in o.t. colston fumbles to the dallas 2-yard line. saints then kick the game-winner. cowboys can still make the
left. bengals moving on the playoffs, 13-10 the final. the afc playoff roster is set. >> houston, opening the door for the broncos to take over the top seed in the afc with a loss to the vikings. former standard cardinal tony gear hart playing. >> 49ers and seahawks underway in seattlement jim harbaugh's 49th birthday, niner win they clinch the afc west but have to do it without justin smith. bum left elbow ending his streak of 185 straight starts. seattle leads 21 or right now in the first half. >> defending super bowl champion giants trying to stay alive for the postseason, facing the ravens. joe flacco making things difficult. threw for 309 yards, two t.d.s, this one to ray rice. ravens clinch the everybody action afc north. >> cowboys playoff chances took hit against the saints. romo to austin. cowboys scored two t.d.s in the final four minutes to send it to overtime. drew brees had 446 yards passing. colston fumbles at the 20-yard to the dallas two yardline. the south carolina recovery and hartley kicks the game-winner. saints are out but they win it in overtime. >> cowboys
with four seconds left. bengals moving on to the playoffs for the second time. we'll have more from the 49er more at 11:00. back in the day, we didn't have the u-verse wireless receceiver. [ light laugh ] the tv stayed in one place... mmmmhmmmm. ...right next to the upstairs tv outlet. oh yeah. they can move the tv all over the place, even outside. grandpa... mmmhmm? kids have it easy nowadays. [ glasses clink ] i'm trying to tell ya. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver, only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for 6 months. at&t. ♪ >>> coming up at 11:00, breaking news tonight of flooding in the north bay and south bay. what you need to know before you go to sleep tonight. plus, unique app that bringing special needs kids. how it is making a big difference tonight at 11:00. >> once again, live doppler 7-hd you can see all is pretty quiet around the bay area as we are not seeing that much in the amount of rainfall. the storm system has pushed to the east and south of us.
's starters did not dress for the game and the rest played only a few snaps. the bengals won 23-17 and the attention has shifted to the indianapolis colts for the plight of game and the ravens know when they will host baltimore's favorite team to hate. kickoff is slated for 1:00 this sunday. coming up next, it has almost been two months since superstar and send it ravaged in the east coast and now an update on how some eastern shore residents can receive additional aid to. >several maryland laws will take effect next year and a few of the measure was likely to have a >> there was a deadly shooting in anne arundel county at dietrich's tavern of the east furnace brent road at 5:30 sunday evening and they found a 31-year-old who had been shot in the side parking lot. he was pronounced dead at the scene and police said they have a description of the suspect but have not made an arrest. some maryland residents affected by super storm center will be eligible to receive food stamps under a new federal aid program. governor martin o'malley and senators barbara mikulski announced the ben
port could have a impact on the economy. >> they take on the bengals on sunday but today you can get your hands on rains playoff -- ravens playoff game tickets. we will give you details you need on this friday i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. big story not only the ravens playing in cincinnati but weather in baltimore. >> a lot of people will be traveling on the road so we will find out what to expect but first let's go over to mike masco to see what to look out for. >> we have snow coming our way. into the 30s 40 up towards the north and west. right around the freezing mark and a northwesterly wind feeling like it's into the 20s in many locations. looing at bel air feeling likeit's 24. cecil county a winter weather advisory that will be expanded into the sit ye. -- city. we will talk about the storm and break into snow totals but first traffic maps to see what's going on the roads. lauren cook is the gal to do it. >> reporter: i will be with you tomorrow as well. >> oh man we are all here. >> reporter: 95 nice and clear just 14 minutes to travel from the beltway into the
or the cincinatti bengals ext sunday. 3 ravees fans are 3 game of thh regular eason. dana rampolla of reisterstown ssnt us this - photo. for them... & purple pride is a amily -3 affair. 3 and theee guys ...are eedy... to take on... anyonee.. on the frozenn 3 they're showing & ...that the ravens... are... number one. 3 )) show us... yoor purpleepride...//. go to... foxxaltimore dot com uplood your pictures..../ or....send them directly ...from your cell... to pics... at... foxbaltimore dot 3 ravens photo galleer... at... facebook ddt com... slash... foxbaltimore... / or... on ouu website. 3 how are the roads looking tonightt tonnghttjeesica lulguri has & our traffic edge reportt &p3 map greenspring camera baltimooe national pike cammra map map 3 trying toolose weight. weight. why eating a low fat diet... isssuch a challenge. challenge. 3 3&p lookkng for this oman.why she's believed to be thh second person innless thaa a m
will be played january 27th in the meantime, the ravens are getting ready to take on bengals in their last regular season game of 2012. on sunday, the purple and black clinched the afc's northern division title. that means the ravens will have one home playoff game. tickets for that game go on sale tomorrow morning. >>> 5:34 right now. taking a look at the stories around the nation. a community of webster, new york is coming together mourning the loss of two men who spent their lives saving others and they did it as volunteers. ♪ in the snow, hundreds of people attended a candle light vigil honoring two of the fallen firefighters. michael chiapperini and tomasz kaczowka. now the two firefighters were killed by a convicted felon on christmas eve. the community also prayed for the two firefighters who were hurt in the deadly ambush attack. first responders from several departments came out to show their support. huddled together in the crowd quietly. they watched as members of the west webster fire department drove off. >>> today, more than 200 educators in utah will spend hours getting c
, steven. keep sending us those responses . >> did he say buffet? it is the ravens and bengals on sunday. good news for the ravens. sixth ravens earned a trip to the all-star game which we played january 27 in hawaii. the ravens say they do not want to play in the pro ball because that means they will be in the super bowl. ray rice finished second in running backs. vonta leach helped ray gained so many of his yards and he is headed to was third pro ball. jacoby jones is headed to his first. three times this year he returned kicks for touchdowns. ed reed heading back to hawaii. john hall bought happy for his guys -- john harbaugh happy for his guys. >> when a guy makes it on offense, all the guys feel they're part of it. it is a big deal. >> here is the full list. ray rice, jacoby jones. bernard pollard is a pro bowl alternate. ray lewis did not make the pro ball but was put on the active roster. in the nba last night. the wizards lose to cleveland. the wizards at home. here's the steel. that is not how you draw it up. unk.guys never missed a d the wizards lose again. they are 3-23. nk.yo
. the chargers capitalize on his mistake big time. alexander, san diego. they get the win. the bengals also lost but the ravens and lose no ground in the afc north. we continue right after this. what 65 tomorrow. temperatures going up again. still a chance of rain, maybe thunder. that will be in the later part of the day. middle of the week looking fine. temperatures chillier. next weekend, something else will be out there. >> it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. not. >> that's it for 11 news at 6. nightly news is next. we will see you here after the game. and it gave me my custom number. my arches needed more support until i got my number at the free dr. scholl's foot mapping center. i'm a believer! and you will be too! learn where to find your number at
-- they could face the bengals or steel this year in baltimore or the route. they could only face new england and denver on the road. it is tough enough already. it will change again next week. falling out of the playoff picture last night -- it has cost the jets' starting quarterback his job. nfl security once to make sure the loss does not cost him more -- he received a death threat from a jets fan following last night's loss. the nfl has investigated and followed up on the threat. he posted "do not come to practice, i promise you bullets everywhere." the individual told "usa today" he did not mean any charm -- r -- he was just mad and get carried away. they have not said whether they plan to take legal action against that and. he bases the most daunting act in the history of college football next season -- he continues to set the ball higher for himself. the associated press named him the college football player of the year. the texas a&m quarterback -- a combined 43 touchdowns. he becomes the first freshman ever to win the award. you do not often hear the word washington wizard's mentione
the cincinnati bengals in that emotional day. >> the duchess of cambridgend of morning sickness. the prince canceled an event to be by his wife's side. she was released earlier from the hospital after suffering from dehydration and notch up. despite her -- she keeps springs -- spirits up. >> people watched william and cake walk down the aisle. today the eyes were on washington state, where same-sex couples made history. the first day they can legally marry since the state's gay marriage law took effect. 140 couples planned to get married in seattle alone today. last month washington, maine and maryland became the first states to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote. six other states and the district already have lost four same-sex marriage. it may sound hard to believe but we -- \ it will sta to feel >> take a look at the snowy scene across the midwest. a number of schools are closed. as for the roads, driving is said to be difficult in some parts of the state. major highways have been shut down. nothing like that around here. >> nothing like that. >> nothing frozen. a lot of folks wan
to happen:if they eat the giants, they're the division if cincinnati loses they tie and the bengals lose - is playinggpittsburgh, sothis &pis onn time it's good to root for the steelers, i suppose.. vegas says tte ravens go ii sunddy and one and a hhlf poiuntunddrdogg...we'll see.. now none of thisshigher math would have beennecessary if not for the recent problems.., thee're juss theehead man says put the blame onnhim.... & &pchamps, new york giants on n - sunday rrght heee on foo 45... thh purpll and black will clinch the division with a pas been movee from one poclock to 4--5...ggants and raaees only on fox 45... pi's another tuesddy night, anothhredition offour prep player of the week innit's 3rd decade, it has hhnored the area's finest high in 1991....his week, weehead k - inside to the basketball court...things are off to a very good start at city college...the knigghs ind themmelves 4-0, and ranked 7th in'the areaa..anddlast friday, they got a very big ealy season win,knocking off county power randallstown, who came n george helped lead the way prooided
not for sale -- now for sale. saturday's early games include the cincinnati bengals against the houston texans. and the late game is a rematch between the vikings and the packers. this one is green bay. the the ravens will play the indianapolis colts at 1:00 on sunday. and the redskins are hosting seattle at 4:30. we started out with a beautiful sunrise this morning, but the clouds are slowly creeping into the metro region. let's check in with jacqui jeras for the forecast. >> if you missed the sunrise, we caught it on our time lapse and will show it to you shortly. right now, the clouds have arrived. it still seems kind of bright, 38 degrees being the temperature in washington, d.c. our satellite picture shows the clouds will continue moving in. we could see a few sprinkles or snow flurries this evening. the main event really happens tomorrow. this is a weak system bringing snow across the central plains and mississippi river valley today. things are looking good up and down the eastern seaboard. today, partly sunny skies 45 x 3:00 claudia 6:00 and 39 degrees at the midnight hour. we will hav
. they arrested most starters, couldn't pull out the win against the bengals. final score 23-17. ravens play indianapolis sunday. kickoff set for 1:00. >>> a lot to celebrate for the colts, beat houston 28-16 and did wit the head coach by their side. he spent most of the season in a cancer center, being treated for leukemia. his personal battle off the field inspired his team to a winning season on the field, even with a rookie quarterback, andrew lock. they earned a spot in the playoffs. >>> recess isn't just a time for your kids, it may be necessary. coming up this morning at 5:00, a look at the benefits of letting children run around during the cool day and doctors want to require recess. >>> big news for you kim kardashian fans. news, breaking news, overnight, how it was broken and where and what it is. we will tell you when good morning maryland continues in the 5:00 hour. . >>> drinking bubbly is a tradition for most, if you overdo it as some have been known to do, there is foods to eat to help handle the hangover. drink a sports or energy drink before bed. the electrolites will rehydr
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